435 Maple St Hinsdale MA 01235

435 Maple St

Hinsdale MA 01235


Dear Friends:

Unfortunately, we have made the tough decision to close Maplewood Bed & Breakfast. Since COVID-19 struck in March 2020 we have not been able to have guests at the inn and that social distancing would not have been reasonable given our layout and what you guests have come to expect from Maplewood.

We have been extremely fortunate to meet some of the nicest and most interesting people from all over the globe. We have had guests from most of the European countries, Cuba, Taiwan, Japan, Israel and of course the USA, just to name a few. Of course, our summer camp parents weekend and grandparents weekend guests who would stay year after year.

We will miss each and everyone of you and we are taking our guests books with us so we can from time to time look back and remember the guests and the stories.

Thanks so much for the Town of Hinsdale to continue to allow our 1763 home to run as a Bed & Breakfast.

We hope those of you who graced Maplewood remember us fondly and of course remember Christy's incredible breakfasts and her magnificent gardens.

Thanks again to you all and we wish you much happiness in the future.

Stephen & Christy Suriner